Certified Professional Requirements Engineering in Malaysia

I am so happy today because i just got certified by International Requirements Engineering Board  (IREB ) as a Professional Requirements Engineer. I sat for the CPRE-FL exam about 3 weeks ago at Kuala Lumpur hosted by Malaysia Software Testing Board (MSTB) which is the partner of IREB for my country. What can I say to those who going to sit for the exam is the exam quite tough so you need to understand the concept of ‘requirement engineering’ instead of reading and trying to remember all the terms. The questions are not predictable and based on real situations. So, the best way is to understand the concept and use you logic thinking. 1 more thing, don’t bother looking for the trial questions as you won’t be able to get it in google. The only source you can get for the trial questions is to buy the CPRE app in apple store or android market.Here is the link and info for the app : http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/certified-professional-for/id487045315?mt=8

certified professional requirements engineering trial questions

I already bought the app and believe me there is no single question in the exam same like in the app but you can still use it to help you understanding the concept.


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